Veterinary Services

  • Veterinary Surgery

    Veterinary Surgery

    At Five Valleys Vet Clinic, we understand how important your pet is to you, and we know that it can be difficult to face a situation wherein your pet requires surgery. We seek to …Read More »
  • Veterinary Diagnostics

    Veterinary Diagnostics

    At Five Valleys Vet Clinic, we understand that it can be confusing and perhaps even frustrating when your veterinarian requests to perform diagnostic testing on your apparently healthy and happy pet. Because we consider …Read More »
  • Vaccinations


    Vaccinations are essential in order to protect your pet from contagious and dangerous diseases, even if your pet is kept mostly or exclusively indoors–as many contagious and dangerous diseases are airborne and can easily …Read More »
  • Radiology


    X-ray imaging, which is also known as radiography, is actually the most commonly used imaging procedure in the field of veterinary medicine. Pet x-ray images are made using equipment that has been designed specifically …Read More »
  • Preventive Care and Pet Wellness

    Preventive Care and Pet Wellness

    As pet owners we usually want little more for our beloved furry companions than for them to live healthy, happy lives.  It is therefore no surprise that when they appear to be healthy and …Read More »
  • Pet Nutritional Counseling

    Pet Nutritional Counseling

    It is not unusual for pet owners to assume that pet foods are created at least somewhat equally, and therefore that buying a formula and brand their pet likes should result in their pet’s …Read More »
  • Pet Foods, Retail, and Pharmacy

    Pet Foods, Retail, and Pharmacy

    At Five Valleys Vet Clinic, we are proud to provide our clients with: Hill’s Prescription Diet Montana’s original West Paw Design Toys Your pet’s complete pharmacy needsRead More »
  • Pet Dental Care

    Pet Dental Care

    Just as is the case with humans, dental health in pets is vital to their overall health and wellness.  Not only can regular dental cleanings freshen breath, they can help to eliminate tartar buildup …Read More »
  • Natural Supplements

    Natural Supplements

    Conventional Western medicine can be extremely helpful in coping with many medical conditions and situations, but when used carelessly for every single issue your pet encounters, it can come at a cost. Where these …Read More »
  • Medical Exams

    Medical Exams

    As part of your pet’s ongoing preventive care, Dr. Wood will perform a thorough physical examination to assess your pet’s overall health and determine if there are any conditions or situations that need to …Read More »
  • In House Laboratory

    In House Laboratory

    When your pet is suffering from poor health, you want to know what is going on and how you can help to resolve it as quickly as possible.  Dr. Wood’s thorough medical examinations can help …Read More »
  • End of Life Care

    End of Life Care

    Though it is a well-understood part of pet ownership, the end of life care one must provide for a beloved pet is nonetheless the most difficult part of pet ownership.  While you may desire …Read More »
  • Dermatology and Pet Skin Care

    Dermatology and Pet Skin Care

    Your pet’s skin is an excellent indicator of their internal and overall health. There are literally hundreds of different skin conditions and diseases that can affect dogs and cats, and many of them look …Read More »
  • Class IV Therapeutic Laser

    Class IV Therapeutic Laser

    As our pets age, one of the main concerns that many pet owners have is protecting and maintaining their pets’ health and comfort. It is not unusual for pets to experience arthritis and other …Read More »
  • Canine and Feline Spays and Neuters

    Canine and Feline Spays and Neuters

    All surgeries include pre-op check, pre-op injectionRead More »