Preventive Care and Pet Wellness

As pet owners, we usually want little more for our beloved furry companions than for them to live healthy, happy lives. It is therefore no surprise that when they appear to be healthy and happy it doesn’t occur to us to take them to the veterinarian. However, preventive veterinary care is always less time-consuming, less expensive and less emotionally distressing than emergency care, and therefore very well worth it.

Why Pet Preventative Care is Important

Animals are not nearly as good as humans at communicating about their pain and discomfort. In fact, animals can hide their pain and discomfort so well that even highly observant owners may not recognize that anything is wrong until the condition has progressed considerably. Fortunately, where owners may not see any outward signs of illness or disease, veterinarians are well-trained and experienced in determining when illness or disease is occurring. Just as is the case with humans, regular medical examinations for pets can seriously reduce the risk of disease and illness and it can also lead to early diagnosis and treatment, which better helps to slow and resolve these issues before they become major and perhaps even life-threatening.

Even where illness or disease are not present, preventive care allows your veterinarian to monitor your pet’s health as they grow and age to ensure that they remain comfortable and healthy. We consider your pet’s breed, age, lifestyle, behavior, diet, weight, temperature, pulse, respiration, and many other factors in order to determine whether they are truly as healthy and happy as you desire them to be.