Pet Dental Care

Just as is the case with humans, dental health in pets is vital to their overall health and wellness. Not only can regular dental cleanings freshen breath, they can help to eliminate tartar buildup as well as disease-causing bacteria.

Why Pet Dental Care is Important

In most cases, pet dental problems either cause or are caused by other health problems. Bad breath, broken or loose teeth, extra teeth, discolored or tartar-covered teeth, abnormal chewing, drooling, dropping food from the mouth, reduced or absent appetite, pain in or around the mouth, bleeding from the mouth and swelling in or around the mouth can all indicate dental problems that need to be addressed right away. Some of the causes for these problems can include broken teeth and roots, periodontal disease, abscesses, infected teeth, cysts, tumors, fractured jaw, palate defects, misalignment of teeth and bite, and more. Periodontal disease is especially vital to prevent and resolve as rapidly as possible, as it can lead to sepsis as well as kidney, liver, and heart changes.

Your pet’s complete dental care includes cleaning, adjustment, filing, extraction, repair of teeth and any other service necessary to maintain or restore their oral health. It begins with a thorough oral exam, during which x-rays may need to be taken in order to determine the health of their teeth roots and jaw. For your pet’s safety, an anesthetic will be administered for the duration of the exam and dental care procedures. When you go to the dentist, you know what is happening and why it is necessary. Pets don’t understand dental care, and are therefore unwilling and stressed dental patients. Anesthesia will permit Dr. Wood and her team to complete all necessary dental care while your pet comfortably rests.