November: Local Heroes Appreciation Month

November is the month where people start to think of all the things they are thankful for. Family, friends, memories, their home, their pets, ect. Many people pick at least one thing they are thankful for every day of November leading up to, and even after, Thanksgiving. 

We at Five Valleys Vet Clinic want to take this time to thank some very important people in our community. Throughout the entire month of November, we are honoring all veterans, police officers, sheriff deputies, firemen, and all first responders. They are the people who put their lives on the line every day to protect our country, our community, our children, our home. They are our local heroes. We all know them. They are our friends, family and coworkers. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary work at extreme costs. 

As a way of honoring these wonderful people, we are offering 10% off all services and products. This offer can be combined with other discounts for a total of 20% savings. 

   If you or someone you know has served or is currently serving, THANK YOU. 

   Please help us spread the word and let’s honor these wonderful people who live and work among us to keep us safe.

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