Medical Exams

As part of your pet’s ongoing preventive care, Dr. Wood will perform a thorough physical examination to assess your pet’s overall health and determine if there are any conditions or situations that need to be addressed and resolved. During this examination, your pet will receive:

A Thorough Check for Parasites

It is actually quite common for pets to become infected with internal or external parasites throughout their life. These parasites can cause anything from minor irritation to life-threatening conditions if left untreated, and in some cases can even infect and transmit diseases to humans.

A Thorough Check of the Heart and Lungs

This can ensure that your pet is not experiencing any minor or major circulatory or respiratory issues that need to be addressed.

A Weight Check and Nutritional Evaluation

Even when pet owners spend a considerable amount of time and money on high-quality pet food, there is a chance that their pet has nutritional needs that aren’t being fully met. A nutritional evaluation can determine whether any changes need to be made to your pet’s diet in order to enhance your pet’s health.

An Exercise Evaluation

Most pet owners understand the value of a good exercise regimen, but they may not understand the type, intensity, frequency and length of exercise that best suits their pet. When a pet’s overall physical condition is evaluated, Dr. Wood can recommend an exercise regimen that will work well to their needs.

A Thorough Check of the Eyes and Ears

A check of the eyes can reveal whether a pet is suffering from anemia, infections, cataracts, high blood pressure, kidney problems, jaundice, allergies and even nutritional conditions. A check of the ears can ensure that there are no infections, and that hair growth and wax is removed from ear canals as needed to protect the inner ear.

A Thorough Check of the Teeth, Gums, Tongue, and Palate

Tartar buildup, oral infections and similar abnormalities can indicate other, more serious health conditions that need to be addressed.

A Thorough Coat and Skin Examination

A healthy skin and coat is an excellent indicator of good internal health, just as poor skin and coat health can indicate that other underlying health issues may need to be diagnosed and treated.

A Blood Test

An animal’s blood can provide their veterinarian with a wealth of information, including their hydration levels, clotting ability, immune system status, the presence of infection and much more.

Any Necessary Vaccinations