Dermatology and Pet Skin Care

Your pet’s skin is an excellent indicator of their internal and overall health. There are literally hundreds of different skin conditions and diseases that can affect dogs and cats, and many of them look very much alike. Some of these conditions and diseases include:

  • Acral lick dermatitis
  • Acute moist dermatitis
  • Alopecia
  • Autoimmune skin disease
  • Bacterial skin infections
  • Drug reactions
  • Ear disease
  • Ectoparasitic diseases
  • Endocrine/metabolic skin disease
  • Environmental allergies
  • Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Food allergies
  • Fungal yeast skin infections
  • Genetic/congenital skin diseases
  • Pododermatitis
  • Skin cancer

In many cases, pet skin conditions and diseases are resolved by determining the offending allergen and eliminating it. At Five Valleys Vet Clinic, we perform diagnostic testing to determine the source of their skin problems, which may even be food or seasonal allergies. Dr. Wood will then help you establish a long-term plan for managing the condition. She may prescribe anything from medicated baths or ear flushes to soothe irritation, to immunotherapy and supplements to boost their resistance to offending allergens, to even nail trims in order to minimize scratching damage. Whatever your pet’s skin health and condition, we will help you to address and manage it so that your pet lives a more comfortable and pain-free life.