Class IV Therapeutic Laser

As our pets age, one of the main concerns that many pet owners have is protecting and maintaining their pets’ health and comfort. It is not unusual for pets to experience arthritis and other physical discomforts as they age, but when it is extensive and chronic it can cause a significant shift in the pet’s normal life routines. Some pets become so incredibly uncomfortable that they are constantly cranky and may even bite their beloved owners. Their condition can deteriorate so thoroughly and the pet can become so miserable that some owners may even begin to consider whether compassionate euthanasia is the only option. Fortunately, there is a much better option that can make both pet and owner happy.

Pet Laser Therapy Benefits

The use of therapeutic lasers is relatively new in the field of veterinary medicine, but many veterinarians and their patients already understand the incredible benefits of laser treatments. Class IV lasers are roughly fifty times stronger and more effective than their predecessors, allowing for better tissue penetration in a shorter amount of time. Therapeutic laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment method that doesn’t hurt the pet and doesn’t require pet sedation. It can reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and encourage the release of natural endorphins, which makes it incredibly useful in naturally treating chronic pain in aging and arthritic pets. The Class IV laser also helps in the treatment of infections and disc pain as well as in speeding a pet’s healing after surgery. Some veterinarians have witnessed therapeutic laser success rates above ninety percent, with some patients going from complete immobility and chronic discomfort to being able to enjoy walks and even climb stairs again. It not only has the potential to extend the lives of geriatric and arthritic pets, but it can also considerably improve the quality of their lives.

At Five Valleys Vet Clinic, therapeutic laser treatment begins with a thorough exam, x-rays, and condition diagnosis, as it is most effective when the exact area of need is pinpointed and treated. Contact us today to find out more about what we may be able to do to help your pet.