House-soiling in cats, also called feline inappropriate elimination, is the most common behavioral complaint of cat owners. Problem behaviors can be urine and/or stool deposited outside of the litter box, or marking behaviors. When cats urinate on vertical surfaces, it is known as spraying. Usually the cat backs up to a vertical surface, raises their tail, treads with their back …

MAY SPECIAL Double Trouble Month

Bring in 2 or more pets at the same time and receive 10-15% off your entire visit! Ask out staff for details. Offer only valid for the month of May.

Vaccination Clinic

We are having our spring Vaccination Clinic at Ace in Trempers on May 10th from 10-2. Prices: Dogs: DA2 $20, Bord $12, Rabies $15 Cats: FVRCP $12, FELV $20, Rabies $15 Please have your dogs on leashes and your cats in carriers. We look forward to seeing you there!


Megan grew up in a variety of places (with her Air Force parents), leaving her without a ‘true hometown.’ After spending over a decade in the Texas heat, Megan followed her parents to Montana, where other family also reside. Growing up an only child, Megan found companionship with her family’s pets more often than not. Whether it was curling up …


We are currently taking new clients. Give us a call or stop by to meet our friendly, helpful staff. We look forward to meeting you and your furry companions.

Ashleigh McKinnon – Vet Technician

Ashleigh was born and raised in Butte Montana and has been in the veterinary field since the age of 15. She has spent nearly a decade traveling with her fiance as he pursued his career. She currently lives in Missoula, MT. Ashleigh has an English Black Labrador Retriever and German shepherd cross as well as a bearded dragon and two …

Beth Falkenstein

Beth has been happily married for over 25 years to the love of her life. She has a lovely daughter and handsome boxer rescue. She enjoys riding her motorcycle, enjoys exploring the backroads and likes looking at the beautiful scenery. She likes spending quality time with friends and family. Beth has recently moved to Montana from Texas. She was educated …

Needy Paws

Needy Paws is a fund to help the less fortunate animals get the medical attention they deserve. It is entirely based on our clients’ donations. Every donation will be used to help someone’s pet get the vaccinations, surgery, or medical care they need. If you would like to donate to Needy Paws, you can mail us a check, or drop …

Spay and neuter your pets!

Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer. Spaying your pet before her first heat cycle decreases her risk of cancer by 80%. Neutering your male pets prevents testicular cancer and most prostate problems. Here at Five Valleys Vet Clinic, we spay and neuter cats and dogs as early as 8 weeks of age, or at 2 pounds. Several cats and dogs are euthanized …

Sue Morrow

Sue is married with three fur babies; Koda- a black lab, Squirt- a torti, and Mike- a domestic shorthair. After 27 years at UC Davis Medical Center, Sue retired and moved up to Missoula with her family. She loves 4-wheeling in her Jeep, camping, and hiking.